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Trenchless Water Lines, Sewer lines and Utilities

Inland Northwest Experts in Trenchless Repair Solutions. 25 Years in Business. Endorsed by Spokane City Water/Sewer Department.

Trenchless Water Lines

It’s almost like magic, in one day, you can have a brand new water line with high pressure. Your yard will stay untouched as our super advanced directional drilling equitment directs the new water line right in replacement of the old one. No one else in the PNW can do a trenchless water line in one day.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Spokane trenchless sewer leaders with better pricing and new replacment options. Pipe Bursting and Sewer Re-lining. Traditional trenched is now the same price as trenchless. Spokane sewer and water department only endorses Kalin Excavation and Kalin Trenchless Sewer, Water, Utilities companies.

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Utilities / Directional Drilling

Local governments and municipalities trust Kalin for the right price and the best work when it comes to utility installation. Fiber optics trenchless directional drilling, trenchless power, phone. Utility directional drilling requires many years experience to not damage existing utility lines.

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Trenchless Water Line Install / Replace in Spokane Wa / CDA / Post Falls / Newport / Cheney / Pullman

Protect your family & home from Unauthorized Trenchless Operators NOT worth the trouble!

Working with the only authorized trenchless service provider in the area, you get benefits that are not only necessary but exclusive to a business thats been operating in the sector for over 25+ years. Family Owned.

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Live on the South Hill?

8 out of 10 jobs a week are on the South Hill. The age and natural organic growth have become the perfect mixture for water lines being pinched by roots and sewer lines being invaded and destroyed.

100% Satisfation Guarenteed

After 25 years of doing sewer & water replacement, we have learned a few things. 1. Treat everyone with compassion, kindness & fairness. 2. The same price for everyone! 3. Do it the right way, everytime. 4. Always use the newest technology and keep up with the current standards.

Terms of Service
Permits and Legalities

When you hire Kalin, we guarentee that every permit is filed, law is followed and city official is notified. You can be safe and anxious free knowing Kalin Trenchless has every legal base covered.

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Trenchless Sewer Replacement

The nightmare of a sewer replacment is a thing of the past. Imagine a world where you could get a trenchless replacment sewer that’s seemless (root resistant) and installed between 8am and 4pm. with a 50 year warrenty. We offer that and much more. Take back control of your homes value and replace your sewer this week.

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Have Orangeburg?

If your home’s sewer permit says it was installed between 1930-1980 then you may have orangeburg. Look for OGBG on the permit for indication of Orangeburg. Even when a sewer permit says OGBG, it may still have segments of clay and concrete.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair 

Pipe Bursting & Sewer Re-Line

Pipe bursting is the best option for most cases, but sometimes due to city regulation and permit classifications sewer re-lining can be a perfect solution. For example, Coeur d’alene city will not approve anything but re-lining at this point in time. They have yet to explain why.

Pipe Bursting

Considered the standard for todays sewer replacement. 90% of replacments are pipe bursting seemless technology. Your yard will stay untouched and no need to worry. Kalin works with the city department to guarantee every replacement for 50 years.


Re-lining is the newest technology to the sewer replacement service arena. It’s as strong as seemless pipebursting but is only intended to be used when pipe bursting is not an option. The price is slightly higher is a re-liner due to materials involved.

Concrete Replacement

We take care of all concrete removed/disposal and repour if needed for your sewer replacement. We provide a no stress, no homeowner work solution. You can sit back and watch. Everything is done in one day.

Sod Placement

Sometimes your city connection point is on the edge of your law, in this case we will relay your lawn that was effected with brand new sod like nothing ever happen.

Trenchless Utilities

Directional Drilling

Leaders in directional drilling for over 10 years. Fiber Optics, Water Lines, Power , Phone and many more utilities can be installed trenchless with directional drilling. Local governments trust Kalin for being up to code at all times. We work with the city and laws to provide the safest / substainable solutions.

Directional Drilling Utilities

We pride ourselves in being the leaders of trenchless operations in the PNW. We serve anywhere in the PNW. We can install anything trenchless. The future of infastructure improvement is here.

Directional Drilling Spokane

Our offices are our in Spokane, Wa. If you live here and are looking for trenchless technologies we can give you unmatched pricing, local support and 30 year + warrenties.

Directional Drilling North Idaho

We service North Idaho with Directional Drilling Services. Call tody to setup a free bid/estimate. We will come out to your address for free and give you the best advice available.

Directional Drilling Washington

We service all of Washington state with Trecnhless Directional Drilling Services. Call today to speak with our expert. He has been with the company for 15 years expert. 509-466-9166 ask for JB

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