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Other companies in Spokane charge at least $100 for a camera inspection. This allows us to see whether or not you need to do a simple cleaning or a trenchless replacement. We will even provide you the video to show other companies, we will always be the best choice for the highest quality work. A Sewer is not something you want to go wrong.

Sewer Pipe Bursting Advantages

Sewer Pipe bursting is an attractive replacement method for several reasons.

  • First, it is trenchless. This type of sewer repair causes less disruption to city streets, lawns and business is minimal. Sewer Pipe Bursting allows upsizing of existing sewer lines.
  • Second, pipe bursting is the only trenchless method of repair that allows for the upsizing of existing lines. Sewer Pipe Bursting is ideal for tough installations.
  • Third, the new pipe, typically HDPE pipe is strong, yet flexible, making it ideal for tough installations. Sewer Pipe Bursting is economical.
  • Finally, pipe bursting is economical compared to open trench methods in many instances. In 1998, a total of 567,051 feet of pipe was replaced in North America using pipe bursting technology, compared to less than 20,000 feet in 1992. In 2001, that number increased to over one million feet of pipe.

Sewer Replacement Methods

Spokane and Spokane Valley Sewer Hook-Up Services

Financial assistance for sewer hookups is readily available for residents in the Spokane Valley. SNAP helps out people with lower incomes to be able to afford the cost of hooking up to City of Spokane Valley sewer system. Also spokane county also has some assistance programs. Let Kalin Excavating assist you with finding the best government department to fit your needs.

At Kalin Excavating we work closely with the spokane county building department and spokane county utilities , pulling permits, analyzing as-builts. and designing on site sewer plans. Sewer hookups can differ greatly as to the approach of construction. Some jobs make more sense to bore, cutting down on the destruction of property. Spokane County Building Department, Spokane County Utilities, City of Spokane Valley, and Spokane County Wastewater, all work in conjunction with each other to try and bring you sewer to your property. We at Kalin Excavating know that hiring a sewer line contractor can be a important decision that is why we recommend asking the spokane county utilities department for advice when picking the right sewer line contractor.

Spokane Valley Sewer Hookup

Do you live in Spokane Valley? Are you thinking about adding value to your home by hooking up your house to the sewer system? If so, look no further than Kalin Excavating. Kalin Excavating has been installing professional, quality home sewer hookups for homeowners all around the Spokane and Spokane Valley areas for more than 20 years. You can have a trenchless sewer replacement done in one day, no need to make a mess. Go TRENCHLESS
You should. Forget about the bother of septic tank maintenance, and eliminate the worry of septic tank failure before it's too late. A one-time sewer hookup from Kalin Excavating can take just a few hours in a single day, minimizing your plumbing inconvenience. We have crews in Spokane Valley daily, and probably one near your neighborhood. We're ready to come to your home and hook it up to the Spokane Valley sewer system. Call Kalin Excavating today and we can tell you more about our residential sewer hookup process, pricing and schedules.

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I am just sending this email to let you know how satisfied I was with your service. I had my sewer line collapse, the only thing I could do is dig up old line and put new sewer line in. I was informed by a drain company that it cost me $225.00 to have them just to run a camera down the line. I called JB from Kalin Excavating, he said it was going to be free. The was the best news. I had JB come out to tell me what I already knew but hoped it wasn’t true. We set up an appointment to have the sewer dug up the following week. They said it would take a full day. They were wrong it took from 8:00 am to 1:00 PM less than 8 hours. They did a great job. I did not realize that this was as common of a problem as it is. I have since recommended Kalin to have a co-worker get a trenchless line. They have set up to do a trenchless line, this will be done Wednesday. I will recommend Kalin Excavating every chance I get. Thank you for helping the guys that need something fixed now. And nice job JB - Corit Designs

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Beware of other companies who charge double and are not certified to perform the job legally in the Spokane area. Unfortunatly there is not much enforcement on contractors or operators from working without the proper training. We are proud to be the first to operate in FULL Compliance and can show proof of this compliance at any time.

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