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Water Line Repair

Trenchless Services

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Kalin Trenchless

Spokane Trenchless Water Lines

Spokane Water Department

Spokane water department has identified Kalin as the most trustworthy company in the area for repairing water lines. The reasons are clear.

  1. Water line repair can only occur when the ground is not frozen
  2. Years of experience in all soil / rock types.
  3. Ability to navigate city utility lines (trenchless)
  4. Most advanced and expensive equipment
  5. Background checked employees (no Criminals)
  6. Clean Room Guarantee
  7. 25+ years experience in Spokane Area

Kalin can replace your water line with a brand new one in one day. Kalin trenchless replaces one water line per day all summer long, get on the schedule now!

Be very conscious about hiring anyone thats not Kalin, we truly see about 10 horror stories a year. Do not risk your water line to unlicensed “water line repair” companies. They offer no warranty and no permits. This means they are using unlawful materials and this will cause issues within 5 years, also unlawful materials can make you and your family sick. Kalin is the only one to use copper of the highest quality to keep your water pure!


Call JB today about your Water Line 509-466-9166